Thermal Pools Abano Terme Will Make You Feel like Augustus and Caesar

Would you like to get to know the pleasures given by thermal pools Abano Terme? Let HealtHotel by TAS Abano introduce you to this brand new world, you’re going to read interesting words…

The latin words thermae (from “thermos”, hot) and balneae (from “balaneion”, bath) were used by the ancient Romans to refer to their baths - usually thermae being a large complex and balneae a smaller public or private facility. These structures were widespread all around the empire, and traces of them (if not the whole structure) can be seen not only in Italy, but also in several other European countries.

The thermal pools Abano Terme that you will use in the HealtHotel by TAS Abano will let you feel like an emperor, cuddled by the warm waters of the pools and by their massages - even the little kids will love it and it will be hard to convince them that it’s time to go for dinner.

For every moment of the year and every holiday, like:
  • Easter vacations;
  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve;
  • summer holidays;
  • Pentecost;
  • any other bank holiday
there is the chance for you to visit the largest complex of spas in Europe, and HealtHotel by TAS Abano is made just by the most welcoming hotels in every category.

Thirteen local D.O.C. wines, made from international (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay…) or native grapes (Serprino, Moscato giallo), will accompany the tasty dinners served at all the HealtHotel by TAS Abano, but if you are a wine enthusiast you can also take an afternoon and visit the winemakers of the area - certainly a delightful experience. So what else could you be wishing for? There is a thermal pools abano terme waiting for you right now… book it online, and you will get a discount!

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