Top Spa hotels in Europe: there is surely one for you

Would you like to include a stay in top spa hotels in europe during a trip of yours? Check out all the offers by Heatlh Hotel TAS, Abano e Montegrotto Terme and let us know what you think about them: here they are!
Belonging to the Province of Padua, Montegrotto Terme is municipality of northern Italy which is well known for its spa therapies attracting many tourists every year: walking around the town it is very easy to note the steam coming up from the streams, especially in winter, and it is a peculiarity that does surprise visitors. The ruins of the Roman Baths are still visible today, and people also visit this area for the quality of red and white wines like Rosso dei Colli Euganei, Serprino and Moscato Fior d'Arancio.
Finding the right treatment for you is easy when you book with Heatlh Hotel TAS, Abano e Montegrotto Terme: check out all the latest special offers and save money on your top spa hotels in europe, and if you need extra information you can always contact us by phone and ask us any question - we are always here to support you and make sure you know everything about Montegrotto and its hotels.
The highest number of tourists come from:
  • Germany and Austria;
  • France;
  • Switzerland
  • Russia;
  • and of course Italy.
Thanks to Heatlh Hotel TAS, Abano e Montegrotto Terme and its prepared staff - speaking several languages - you will also be ready to discover the art masterpieces of a beautiful area of Italy with beautiful castles (Catajo, Rocca di Monselice, Castello di Lispida), villas (Villa Vescovi, Villa Barbarigo, Villa Emo, Villa Selvatico Sartori) and enchanting small villages, from the poetic medieval Arquà Petrarca to the lively Abano and Montegrotto with their top spa hotels in Europe.
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