Spa breaks Italy: mud baths and naturally warm water

Wanna read more about spa breaks Italy? Do it right here, Heatlh Hotel TAS, Abano e Montegrotto Terme has written something for you…
Balneotherapy derives from the Latin word meaning bath ("balneum") and it is an expression used when bathing is a spa is used to treat a disease. When the waters used are mineral, they may be rich in elements like selenium, radium, silica, sulfur, bromide and others: the skin can absorb them and they are known to cause a positive effect. Bath muds (fangotherapy, from the italian word "fango" meaning "mud") are often applied, too.
All these types of cures can be found at Heatlh Hotel TAS, Abano e Montegrotto Terme, a group of hotels with the right amount of experience to help you organize a wonderful Italian vacation and spa breaks Italy without bad surprises. If you had a doubt in the past, meeting such an opportunity should erase them very quickly: you have the chance to stay in a country where great food and amazing landscapes are everywhere, and at the same time live a spa experience…
So, if you are interested in:
  • wellness and relax packages;
  • spa breaks Italy;
  • hotels where a doctor will constantly take care of your health and help you choose the right therapies;
  • tasting the lovely food of Veneto, matched by some well structured red wines like Rosso dei Colli Euganei;
  • visiting cities like Venice, Verona and Vicenza, with their incredible art masterpieces…
  • … then Heatlh Hotel TAS, Abano e Montegrotto Terme is what you were hoping to find!
All you have to do now is find the right moment to check all the offers and special offers (saving money is always a good option, after all) and make up your mind: let your family know or find a friend who would like to join you, a top quality, elegant and beautifully furnished room is there for you, just a few clicks away.
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