Luxury spa Italy: try something totally new

 Have you been searching for luxury spa Italy online? Are you feeling a little confused about it? Do not worry too much, Heatlh Hotel TAS, Abano e Montegrotto Terme havs something to tell you: take a look at it now…
Spa water and mineral water have been used to cure several kinds of disease for centuries and more. The hot springs and the bath muds have the power to heal and to relax, making your mind and your body feel better in a surprising way. Here are some examples of internal and external therapies:
  • respiratory treatments (that is insufflation or inhalation);
  • therapy in a grotto;
  • therapies with bath muds;
  • baths in hot mineral waters.
In the luxury spa Italy of Heatlh Hotel TAS, Abano e Montegrotto Terme you can always find a prepared staff of specialized operators and a health director taking care of you every day and every time you need it. The services provided by the hotels in the thermal area of Abano Terme and Montegrotto Terme are recognized as medical treatments by many national health systems (Italy included), and the support and advice of a doctor is needed to make sure every detail is taken care of.
You may also wonder if a vacation in a luxury spa Italy can turn into a boring stay after a few days:, but Heatlh Hotel TAS, Abano e Montegrotto Terme is here to show you that boredom is not possible when you are enjoying a vacation in Abano and Montegrotto. Three golf clubs (Frassanelle, Padova and Della Montecchia) offer a great alternative to enjoy your time outdoor: the perfect option to relax your mind and make your body feel better.
Gyms, tennis courts and swimming pools are also available, and those who are fond of nature will certainly love a walk in the paths of the Euganean Hills or a tour on the trans-euganean cycling road, with great views on the lowland and the perfumes of the local flowers - some are even endemic species, existing only in this part of the world. Will you be able to spot one?
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