Recommended Treatment cycle

mud therapy italy

12 mud + 12 therapeutic baths or 12 therapeutic baths

The thermal centres in each Tas hotel are operating within the national health service (S.S.N): in this way the patient can have access to mud therapy treatments just with the doctor in charge prescription.

Thermal treatments duration

Prescriped thermal care usually lasts two weeks with 12 or 10 complete treatments: Mud + thermal bath + massage. It's also possible and recommended, especially for preventive care, to perform this treatment in two different periods of the year, with a duration of one week each. Complete treatments for one week are 6 or 5.

Mud-therapy therapeutic indications

Osteoporosis and others degenerative diseases: diffused arthrosis, cervical arthrosis, limbs arthrosis, loin arthrosis, outcomes of operation for slipped disk, discopathies without erniation and without symptomatology from irritation or from nervous compression, cervical ache  with rheumatic origin, scapula-humerus periarthritis (except acute forms) rheumatic arthritis in quiescence phase, outcomes of articular rheumatism, arthrosis, polyarthrosis, osteoarthrosis (with diffused and localized osteoarthrosis), periarthritis, anchylopoietic spondylitis, spondilarthrosis and spondilolysthesis.

Extra Articular Rheumatism: inflammatory rheumatism (in quiescence phase), fibrosis with rheumatic origin, tendonitis with rheumatic origin, lumbar ache  with rheumatic origin, fibrositis, fibromiositis.

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