Mud of Mud therapy: the european patent

fangotherapy abano terme
An important recognition to the mud of Abano and Montegrotto

In Abano and Montegrotto wellness is contained in the thermal bath, the only mud with a patent registered at the European patent office, distinguished confirmation of the unicity of this precious natural resource.

Mud is a mixture of clay and thermal water that produce the ideal conditions for the development of micro-algas gifted with particular curative properties. The exceptionality of the thermal mud of Abano and Montegrotto is due to the environmental conditions of the basin of Abano-Montegrotto-Battaglia that are been ideal for the growth of ETS-05, a particular cianobacter who can produce substances gifted with a high anti-inflammatory activity. These properties have found confirmation in the analysis made by the Pietro d’Abano study centre. Ideal for the osteoporosis, ostheoathrosis, and extra-articular rheumatism treatment, Euganean thermal mud is a real wellness spring, without the collateral effects of traditionally used medicines.

For our Italian clients: the thermal centres in each Tas hotel are operating within the national health service (S.S.N): in this way the patient can have access to mud therapy treatments just with the doctor in charge prescription. For the osteoporosis, ostheoathrosis, and extra-articular rheumatism treatment, is recommended a bath and mud therapy that has to be completed in maximum three consecutives weeks. The ideal treatment for your well-being includes 12 muds and 12 therapeutic baths, or just 12 therapeutic baths.

Mud-therapy development

The treatments take place inside the hotels , controlled under a medical and specialized staff . Lifts connect directly the hotel rooms to the spa centre. After a diagnosis, the doctor decides on what body zones mud can be applied, at what temperature, and for how long. Every mud therapy session is divided in four different stages:

abano terme mud therapy: the mud is gradually applied on the skin at a temperature of 38-42 degrees, avoiding the frontal thoracic zone, the head and the external genitals. The mud therapy lasts 15 to 20 minutes for general mud, 30 minutes for a partial one.

The bath: at the end of the mud application, the patient gets the mud removed from his body, and after being washed with a warm shower, he is immersed in the thermal bath at a temperature of 37 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

The perspiration reaction
: after the bath, the patient, dried with warm sheets, gets back to his room where he lays down in bed for 30-60 minutes well covered, for the perspiration reaction and biological effects caused by the mud therapy and the thermal bath.

The Massage: the last stage is the mass therapy for the invigorating effect that exerts on muscular and nervous activity.

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