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The HealtHotel TAS Group in Italy is a Consortium of thermal hotels, provided with luxurious wellness centers, large thermal water swimming pools, and medical staff specialized in the treatment of disorders that can be cured by thermal water and mud therapy.
Dedicated to children, adult and old people, our treatments are known sinche Roman times, when aristocracy came to Abano and Montegrotto to spend their vacation, and made spa treatments, with exceptional results for their health.

Mineral spring water cures are usually divided into:

Internal therapy, such as

  • inhalation and insufflation
  • respiratory treatments
external cures, such as
  • bathing in mineral waters
  • grotto therapy
  • fangotherapy
HealtHotel by TAS Abano Terme spa hotels are, indeed:
  • Classified at Superior Level 1 by the National Health Service
  • Provided with their own thermal cure departments
  • Each department has its own health director and specialized thermal cure operators.
All this, places our Spas at the vanguard in terms of both the elevated quality of the stay and the excellence at the health level. Patients qualify for thermal care treatment with a prescription issued by a general practitioner.

Don't delay; call us today for more informations and reserve your thermal spa vacation at a HealtHotel by TAS Abano Terme spa hotels.

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