Abano Terme Fangotherapy: benefits

Abano Terme hotels offer an extensive range of spa and fangotherapy treatments designed to cater for the budget traveller right though to those looking for luxury therapy packages. With a variety of board options including half board and fully inclusive, all budgets can be catered for and special arrangements can be made. All holiday packages include the use of thermal swimming pools and a medical consultation with the on site health practitioner is included in the price of the
package. This is mandatory before being admitted the thermal therapy areas, however once there, a quality of therapy like no other can be enjoyed by all guests.

Benefits of Abano Terme fangotherapy

The spas available at these resorts represent a more natural answer to health and both mental and physical well being. Quality of ones life can be significantly improved during these thermal water and mud bath treatments, alleviating stress and other negative energies present in the
everyday lives of most people. These natural medical treatments have been scientifically proven to aid in the pain relief of several conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Enjoyed by thousands of guests every year, these treatments have gained worldwide recognition and are
becoming increasingly popular among middle aged and older citizens.

Types of packages available

Abano Terme Fangotherapy can be purchased via a range of excellent packages,
each offering its own set of benefits. Most packages offer at least one thermal mud bath a day and a daily mud pack application is also standard as part of these excellent packages. Bathrobes for the
thermal cure process is included with fangotherapy packages and guests can enjoy treatment and support from friendly and highly experienced health professionals. Discounts and surcharges are available at most hotels and hydro massages can be purchased at an extra cost.

A small number of last details

An excellent assortment of special offers are available for guests wishing to enjoy a Fangotherapy holiday
. Group bookings are accepted and by speaking with staff, more information can be obtained about any of the hotels or packages which are available. Fangotherapy packages are available all year long, however it is important to note that they can change from season to season. Some of the hotels also have camping areas for those travelling on a budget, yet still wish to indulge in some of these fabulous treatments.

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